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Dying to Who You Are Not

Dearest Evolvings Ones,

This is the first of several emails I will be sending out in the next few days to support the teleconference call Dying to Who You Are Not I offered today Jan 9, 2022. It is very informative, powerful and filled with loads of ways and teachings to prepare yourself for the evolutionary life changing energetics being forced upon all of humanity at this potent moment.

***If this information and process has value to you and your evolutionary process, donations are very much appreciated. PayPal to (friends or family) change@kadea.org – Venmo Kadea-Metara. If you want to send a check, email me and I will send you my address.

Blessings, of Wisdom, Grace and Joy,

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Book – Wetico – Healing the Mind-Virus that Plagues Our World by Paul Levy Dec 2021

Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness PDF link
Read the last two pages of Chapter 13. Then read Chapter 14 to the end. Then you can go back to the beginning and read the whole book.

This link is about Sri Aurobindo
It was written at the request of The Mother (Mirra Alfassa) who worked with Sri Aurobindo to bring in the profound teaching of Integral Yoga and much more. It was written by Satprem who was by her side for 22 years recording her teachings. Anyway this is the best in depth explanation of Sri Aurobindo teachings I have run across.

The Mother Book by Sri Aurobindo link